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Article about Migrant Project and Casa Hogar el Refugio Youth Shelter, Monterrey México
Article about Migrant Project and Casa Hogar el Refugio Youth Shelter, Monterrey México art'ishake: arts, culture, social change, and development magazine
No.5 Cover image by Guadalupe Victorica, Mexico Migrant Project

The Migrant Project by Guadalupe Victorica includes Visual Art (painting and sculpture), Journalistic information about Migration by Iliana Martinez and the Documentary “De Nadie” 2005 Spanish with English subtitles by Tin Dirdamal.
No .6Article about Casa Hogar el Refugio Youth Shelter Monterrey México
The Art/Human Development Workshop takes place at Casa Hogar El Refugio a Youth Shelter for Girls age 14 to 18 in Monterrey NL México. The Catholic Sisters in charge of this shelter give housing, food, spiritual orientation and High School to teenage girls. These girls do not have families or cannot be taken care by their families.

The shelter operates by volunteer work and by a Bakery run by the Sisters. The Sister in charge of the High School and the Art/Human Development Workshop is Sister Trinidad. Alfonso Reyes 210 col. Contry, Monterrey NL México cp 64860, phone 52 81 83 83 79 26.

“La Patrona” Veracruz, México. Migrants tied to train

“La Patrona” Veracruz, México.
In this rural community of México low socio economic status women organize themselves to give food to Migrants in the train in a daily basis. Migrants travel illegally by train from the South of México to the North in their journey to the United States.
This painting was inspired by the work of these women. The Women of “La Patrona” was filmed by Tin Dirdamal Director of the International award winner Documentary De Nadie. De Nadie is a documentary about the Central American Migrants who have to cross México in order to go to the US.